Strand takes 2 in Daytona

Satellite Racing win at Daytona and break own track record in the process. The team showed up with 2 cars ready to take on the field of ‘wings and things. With the threats of a hurricane for the weekend the team showed up ready for a drencher of a race. Luckily hurricane Emily dissipated in the Carribean and Saturdays race would be run under beautiful blue skies. Satellite showed up with 2 cars for the event driven by Matt Strand and David Smith. David has over 35 years of experience racing in the SCCA but this was his first ever event with a Formula car. Being a short weekend, David had to jump straight into qualifying with the car. After a couple of laps he decided to go for it and managed to set the car 2nd in class only to be beaten out by Strand. Quite an impressive showing for his first foray in formula cars. With the speed of the 2 Satellite 500s and 1 other Formula Ford, the bigger and “faster” cars of the class voted on a split start. This would mean the big cars take the green flag first, and group 2 with Satellite among it would take the green 30 seconds later. The team was disappointed as everybody enjoys picking on the bigger budget cars and teams but not discouraged, now they would just have to run them down and pass them with a bit more work for it.  
Strand looks under the leading Formula ford in the first horseshoe
At the drop of the green for group 2, Strand instantly launched into P1 from his outside row 1 starting position only to have the engine sputter after a couple seconds which dropped him back into the clutches of the field. Once cleared up he accelerated back up to 2nd (1st in class) with Smith sitting in 5th (2nd in class). Strand soon found himself in a dogfight of a battle with the leading Formula Ford contender. The 2 swapped positions multiple times a lap with the little 500 dominating the infield and braking zones, but the Ford with its superior horsepower pulling ahead on the banking.The 2 broke both of their classes track records pushing each other to the limit in every corner of every lap. Strand was under the previous record that he had set in May in all but 4 laps, 3 of which were behind the pacecar. He eventually got the better of the Ford on the restart and quickly gapped him using the slower traffic of the bigger cars ahead as picks through the infield. On the final lap however coming back onto the banking in Nascar 1, Strand engine dropped a cylinder. Not knowing it was the final lap Strand brought the car into the pits to not harm the engine anymore then it already had. Realizing his mistake he tried getting out to push the car across the line and still be classified. He was and built enough of a gap over the F500 field to maintain his 1st place position in class, but fell to 25th overall after fighting for a top 10.
#8 David Smith late in Saturdays race
David Smith had a difficult time with the heat of the day overheating tires and brakes. After spinning on the opening lap and dropping to 6th in class, David managed to work his back up to 2nd in class. He traded positions with the 2 Sidewinder Racing entries a couple tims before the overall leaders worked their way through. Smith lost heaps of time from a train of Formula Atlantic and 1000s forcing their way through and fell to 4th in class. He was able however to catch back up and pass the 2 Sidewinders in the end. However a post race infraction during the caution period set David back to 4th in class and 30th overall. Overall though the team was still massively impressed with Davids first outing in the Formula car. “That thing is an animal! I didn’t expect for such a small car to throw me back in my seat like that little missle did” David said after his race. “The braking and grip is astounding, especially coming from my RX7. It took some getting used to and I know I left alot on the table but it was still an incredible feeling. Quite happy with the days results even with my boo boo under yellow. Wasn’t expecting to be able to contend at the front but you guys (Satellite) put such a fast car under me I would of felt awful if I hadn’t.”