SR partnership with Racing Beyond Limits

Satellite Racing and Racing Beyond Limits have come to agree on terms to have the 2 companies partnered together through the 2012 season and beyond. Racing Beyond Limits is a Not for Profit organization to help the handicapped through recreational, educational and physical therapy with their racing program. Racing Beyond Limits Vice President, Leslie Elder, says “we want those in the program to realize that they can do things they never dreamed they can do by becoming part of a racing team comprised of both handicapped and non-handicapped persons working together to realize that there are no limits and that impossibilities become probabilities.”

President of Racing Beyond Limits, James Elder, is a perfect example that impossible can be turned to probable with a little will power and work. Elder himself is an amputee just below his right knee. Despite his handicap, he has gone on to win many races and championships at both the regional and national levels as both a driver and race team owner. Having earned the respect by thousands in the Formula Racing field throughout the country he’s since moved on to head up the Racing Beyond Limits company and Satellite Racing driver coaching. “We’re thrilled to be working with Satellite for the foreseeable future!” says Elder. “we’ve known Matt and the members of his team for years and know not only their passion for the sport, but also their passion for using that sport to help others expand their lives beyond the limits they previously thought possible.”

“We are very fortunate to work with key partners like Racing Beyond Limits” said Satellite owner Matt Strand.

“Nobody really knows how far they can push themselves both mentally and physically unless they’re pushed by an outside force. Racing is 1 of the few areas in which both can be pushed to their breaking point at the same time and expanding their minds in doing so. When its over you feel nothing but admiration and comradery for your team and fellow competitors. It’s a hugely valuable learning and theraputic tool being in such a close team atmosphere.”

Look for Satellite Racing and Racing Beyond Limits to be on track throughout the 2012 season in multiple series and classes.