F600 Florida debut

Satellite rolled into the hot and sunny Daytona International Speedway for its first real world outing of 2012. Clint McMahan would be behind the wheel of the KBS Suzuki, the first Formula 600 to race at Daytona since the classes conception. The sound of the 15,000 RPM Suzuki R6 motor echoing off the Daytona high banks can be listened to here. It’s truly a huge step in a positive direction from the Formula 500s of old and we’re nothing but excited for this new venture!

The race would be an interesting one as Clint was on track with everything from Formula Vee’s up to Formula Atlantics. The limited power of the 600s compared to a 300 bhp Formula Atlantic would make the speed difference quite immense around the 3.56 mile roval. Qualifying came and Clint was on pole in class but only 12th overall. Despite our power disadvantage we were hoping to make up more time through the infield. “We missed on the gears, badly” said McMahan. “On top of that we were overheating real bad. It’s fine though we’ll throw the new set on for the race and should get a ton more pull through the infield then we were. Watch that star man, it’s gonna be a hell of a show.” Chris Ross had qualified in 2nd and luckily for us they had missed just as badly on the ratios. Everybody over compensated for the long runs on the now smooth banking and the ratios came way to long off the trailers for the whole field.

Come race time the car was regeared and setup for the race. Clint quickly picked off a view of the slower cars that had qualified ahead and he moved up as high as 7th. On the 4th lap though, while racing a Formula Enterprise car, he spun in the West horseshoe and fell down to 17th, 3rd in class. He gathered it back up quickly though and got back to the lead in F6 just a couple laps later. Soon after a race ending caution would come out from a massive crash in the infield. Thankfully nobody was hurt, just some egos.

The F600 debut wasn’t smooth by any means but still walked away with another win. Setup and over heating problems plagued the car even still come race time but such issues are expected with a new car at each track we go do. Next up for the F6 is the SARRC runoff in Savannah Georgia at the always lovely Roebling Road Raceway