SARRC Runoff Ends Early for Strand

Roebling Road was the host again this year for the annual South Atlantic Road Racing Championship race with the SARRC title still up for grabs. The weekend would be held under perfect racing conditions. Matt had never raced at Roebling before and practice would be pivotal for him to get familiar with it. Unfortunately on just the 2nd lap of practice the final drive chain came off of the sprocket, initially the car just lost drive, but hten the chain snagged onto something and began tearing its way through the left rear side of the car. You can hear the mess it made from Matts onboard video. He’d be coming into qualifying completely blind but still somehow confident of a decent spot.

MS- “I didn’t get a lot of time on track but I’m comfortable in the car at least. I know which way the track goes now so all I have to really do is work on binging my braking and accel points closer together and we should be in good shape. I know Clint’s going too put the car back together better then it was so I’m not worried about it.”

Qualifying unfortunately wasn’t much better. Matt spun on the 3rd lap in turn 4. It was a harmless spin but in the process when he jumped on the clutch to keep the engine from stalling, the pedal actually twisted from the high Gs of the spin and became wedged under the chassis rail just next to it. By the time Matt had climbed out of the car, down into the footbox to pull the pedal out and get back strapped in the Q session was over. He would be rolling off from 8th position.

“hell I dont know what’s going to happen” he said with a smile. “It’s been a weekend of first for the car. The chain incident had never happened before, the pedal incident we had on an accelerator pedal years ago in Formula 500 which we haven’t seen since, just a fluke deal. I’m sure we’ll see some kind of new first in the race tomorrow too! I feel great in the car, the car just needs to feel better with me I guess. We’ll see what happens when the Green flag drops tomorrow morning.”

When the race did get underway finally Matt wasted no time and at the drop of the green flag went from 11th to 3rd before they got to corner 1. He was chasing down 2nd and it appeared he was going to get him pretty easily when suddenly the motor started to pop and miss. It was sporatic at first but then it grew more and more. This eventually caused the F600s and Formula Fords chasing to catch and pass him. The car finally died coming out of turn 2 and he rolled to a stop at the corner station in turn 3, race over. As it turns out the part causing the issue was a $.05 spring inside the kill switch which had broke and the switch was rattling back and forth causing the sputtering.

While not the result we wanted or are accustomed too, we’ll get the car fixed and ready for the ARRC at Road Atlanta in 1 months time.