RDLMS Silverstone Round 1

Racedepartment has brought back their always popular RDLMS series for 1 last season of action using rfactor 1. We had a fantastic Audi R10 painted up by our new friends at Pagoda Mod Group running for round 1 with the 8 hours of Silverstone. The race itself would be a forgettable one for us. Lots of incidents and mistakes by both drivers and crew. The biggest challenge for the event was the massive amounts of GT and LMP2 traffic around the relatively short circuit. The tone was set early by the LMP1 field that chances were going to be taken and to stay in touch with anybody we had to push the envelope a few times also. We went in with the philosophy of only push the issue if necessary but with an early spin from Strand setting us back with a small amount of damage it was full press the entire race. The opening stint for both Strand and Nichols went relatively clean other then the early spin from Strand. Matt got back in the car around the 4 hours mark though after Davids opening double stint and with a few other P1 cars struggling with traffic or fuel mileage, managed to move up as high as 4th. rFactor 2013-09-05 00-03-25-62

With Matt getting by the struggling THR Peugeot and Three Sixty Racing Audi in his stint he set his sights forward on trying to make up ground on the top 3 cars. At 1 point Strand went 3 wide with a couple of GT2 cars and dipped a wheel coming out of Copse Corner which actually tweaked the suspension just slightly on the right front. The charge forward would come to a halt and Matt went into a more conservative mode just trying to get the car back for David when the crew can put a quick fix on for it.

David would take over and after a quick look through on the right front the car was sent back out 6th in class. About 30 minutes into Davids stint however the right front started coming apart. Coming into the nearly flat out Copse Corner the front gave away and Nichols went sailing off the track at 150mph in 5th gear. The long runoff area saved the car from being totaled but the front was still destroyed. David managed to get the car back to pitroad for repairs but it was all downhill from there. rFactor 2013-09-05 00-11-25-72

After getting repaird and back on track, Nichols struggled massively with the car. He would eventually come in after a few spins and hand back to Matt to finish out. Matt would tag the wall again though after a disagreement on the Wellington Straight with a GT1 Aston Martin. He would come in for repairs and returned back on track but with only 4 litres of fuel onboard. He would have to come back in again and fill up to make the final 40 minutes of the event. Luckily for us the attrition level in LMP1 was massive and we still finished 7th in class but 9th overall. Next for the RDLMS series is 12 hours of Sebring April 27th where our GT2 Porsche will make its season debut.