New Website!!

We’re ecstatic to unveil our shiny new website done by Marco Baez and The Red Design. We approached them with a very specific setup that we wanted for our site and it was met in every way. The work was done so fast actually that we are just now getting caught up of putting our content into it. The Red Design had the site done and ready after just 2 weeks and 3 meetings after we initially talked about the designs. So quickly in fact that we wern’t ready for it! In the past, having worked with various website companies it’d take at least a month before they had anything for us to even review and go over about any changes we were looking for. That is honestly what we were expecting and The Red Design was done and ready so quickly that they’ve actually been waiting on us to get all of our content organized for the new site.

On top of not only being the fastest company we’ve ever worked with, the price was unbelievably low compared to most. We approached a few companies in looking to revamp our site and we were looking at a couple thousand to fit in all of our specific ideas. Our lowest quote was $1900 for everything we were looking for. The Red Design came in at less then half of that! We can’t begin to express our gratitude to Marco and The Red Design and I suggest anybody out there looking for a new website, help with graphics or logos, or any form of web based advertising and I can guarantee you get the fastest service at a phenomenal price.