Manufacturer: Dallara
Model: Indycar
Drivers: TJ Halsema, Bob Mcbride, Tyler Tucker, Josh Cade
Chassis: carbon fiber and kevlar monocoque, engine is stressed (integral) member of chassis
Length: 192 inches minimum.(487.68 cm)
Width: 78.5 inches maximum, 77.5 inches minimum (measured outside rim to rim).
Height: Approximately 38 inches.(96.52 cm)
Engine: 3.5-liter V-8, 32-valve dual-overhead cam
Power: 650 bhp (@ 10,000rpm)
Transmission: Xtrac 6 speed Sequential, Mega-Line Assisted Gear Shift (paddle-shift)
Suspension front/rear: Double A-Arm, pushrod, with third spring and anti-roll bar
Fuel feed: Direct Fuel Injection
Fuel: 100% fuel grade Ethanol
Weight: 1525 lbs