Owner/Driver: Matt Strand

Born: West Palm Beach, FL

Lives: Tequesta, FL

Strand is a regular in both the virtual and real worlds of racing. He started racing karts at age 10 on dirt ovals and won 19 of 21 feature races in his rookie year which earned him the championship and rookie of the year honors. He carried this success into Formula cars where his current winning percentage is 77% which includes 3 track records in the SCCA. His success in the virtual racing world has also gained him 2 pro series driver championships in 3 years of work.

“I was fortunate enough to have Kyle (Pearson) invite me on to Satellite in 2008 to be a full time driver for the team. The real world side of Satellite wasn’t even conceived for another 2 years after I started running for them. What I learned on the way though is how well a group of like minded people can get on and succeed together no matter where they’re from. At 1 point we ranged from Austrailia to England and back to the states all sharing 1 car.
Sometime in 2009 after I had worked my way through most of motorsports in North America in 1 form or another, I approached Kyle with the idea of expanding Satellite into the real world and doing our own thing. Initially the idea was centered around an SCCA D-Sports Racer I had designed up and some Chumpcar racing. I wanted to put Satellite drivers in the real cars. With the economy in such dismal shape and me being just 20 at the time I had alot of people laugh at me and the idea. Towards the end of 2010 there became a couple of Formula 500 cars available, cars which I was extremely familiar with. I finally got myself organized enough to make the move “official” and Satellite Racing incorporated as a working franchise in April of 2011. Just a few weeks later we went to our first race meeting with the formula cars in which we sat on pole, set fastest lap, and took a track record in the process. I couldn’t believe how well we’d done and was ecstatic to prove the little team with less then a shoe string budget can still tear up a race track. That weekend motivated me to expand the program even further and with everything we have coming in for 2013 I’m over the moon excited to see what we’re able to accomplish.”