Featured News

Featured News

New Website!!

We’re ecstatic to unveil our shiny new website done by Marco Baez and The Red Design. We approached them with a very specific setup that we wanted for our site and it was met in every way. The work was done so fast actually that we are just now getting caught up of putting our content into it. The Red Design had the site done and ready after just 2 weeks and 3 meetings after we initially talked about the designs. So quickly in fact that we wern’t ready for it! In the past, having worked with various website companies it’d take at least a month before they had anything for us to even review and go over about any changes we were looking for. That is honestly what we were expecting and The Red Design was done and ready so quickly that they’ve actually been waiting on us to get all of our content organized for the new site……….read more

Dori runs!! and Not Just Down Hill!!

It’s still a long way to go in trouble shooting and doing some clean up work for the wiring but Dori is officially a living breathing animal now. Matt (Williams) has Dori running well enough to take her to work or out to Barber Motorsports Park where she just met the Formula 600s for the first time this weekend also. Bad timing between both 600 cars being in the middle of a rebuild from their Saturday issues though meant no pictures were available but they’ll be back together again soon enough and we’ll make sure to get pictures for everybody. ………read more

F600 1-2 in Watkins Glen

Watkins Glen New York was host to round 2 of the Formula 600 Challenge and we couldn’t be more excited coming into this event. The history and prestige in everything around this incredible circuit was only rivaled by tracks like Sebring or Daytona. The weekend wouldn’t be the as easy or squeaky clean as both cars ran in Topeka for the opening round of the series. McMahan would start his weekend off struggling with electrical issues which seem to be the biggest problem for the 2 Satellite cars thus far. They’re both in a state of development, as is the entire class really since all the cars are brand new. During the practice race on Saturday Clint had to drive essentially with 1 hand while he used the other to hold the “E switch” in position. It was found to have rattled loose on Strand back in October and became an apparent problem for both cars shortly after which has not yet been corrected……….read more

Walker Supercup Season Comes to an Early End

In the days leading up to the 11th round of the GPVWC Supercup season at Monza, Ryan Walker came to the team with unfortunate news that this would be his last race of the season. Commitments else where will unfortunately see to it that as of now he is no longer a Supercup driver in 2013. Brandon Warren of Rapid Raptor Racing in the Formula Challenge Series will be moved up to the Supercup to fill the vacant seat. Walker will be leaving behind 7 podiums in 11 races and an 8 point gap behind Oscar Hardwick for the championship lead which he only just gave up in the most recent outing at Monza……….read more