Manufacturer: Porsche
Model: RS SPyder Evo
Drivers: Charles Ramirez, Richard Hamstead, Matt Strand, Mike Smulcheski, Kevin Brents, Nick Rowland, Jeff Cable, Bryan Stekky, Ryan Walker, Tim Brook, Brandon Warren, Klaus Kaag, Jesper Bayer
Chassis: carbon fiber monocoque
Length: 183 inches
Width: 78.7 inches (measured outside rim to rim).
Height: 42 inches
Engine: MR6 90º V8
Location: Mid, longitudinally mounted
Power: 503 bhp / 375 KW @ 10300 rpm
Torque: 370 Nm / 273 ft lbs @ 7500 rpm
Construction: aluminium alloy block and head
Displacement: 3.397 liter / 207.3 cu in
Valve Train: 4 valves / cylinder, DOHC
Fuel feed: Bosch MS 4.2 Fuel Injection
Transmission: Paddle-Operated 6 speed Sequential
Weight: 1708 lbs
Suspension front/rear: double wishbones, push-rod actuated torsion bar springs, ZF Sachs gas-pressurised dampers, anti-roll bar
Brakes: ventilated carbon ceramic discs, all-round
Steering: rack-and-pinion, power assisted

The Porsche Spyder was not only Satellites first car used for endurance racing, it’s also the most successful in the fleet of cars since 2009. Currently we have 3 running in the VOR-ESC series and they’re sitting 2nd and 3rd in points with a couple of wins under their belt for the season. Most recently coming off a 1-2 finish in the 6 hours of Interlagos by 2 laps over 3rd place. The product Porsche put together with this car is unrivaled by any around. The amount of Satellite guys who have been able to jump in and compete at the top level is evident and there’s still plenty of success to come from this car in multiple series.