SimRacing Team

Sim Driver: Mike Smulcheski
Born: Daytona, Florida
Lives: Jacksonville, Florida
Smulcheski began his competitive sim racing career at the TPG Racing League. Highlights of his TPG career are: Season 3 GT1 Class Champion, Season 4 and 5 G2 Class Champion. Since TPG, Mike has shifted his focus to endurance sportscar racing. After finishing 5th overall in both the ILMS-ERL (P2 class) and Race Department (P1 class) leagues, Smulcheski is anxious to get the next season in both series up and running again as the team campaigns a P1 Prototype in both series.

Sim Driver: David Nichols
Born: Whitby, England
Lives: York, England
David has been sim-racing since his Dad first dragged him down to Le Sarthe in 2002 to the Le Mans 24 Hours. Mainly using Simbins GTR2 during these early days racing in the TPG and UKGTR leagues and for a while running my own semi-successful team. Once he tried rFactor with its driving swapping and Endurance Races; he was hooked on it. David joined Satellite Racing for three reasons; to run with an experienced Endurance Team that would be battling at the front; that could help him develop as a driver and improve his race craft and consistency; and above all was a fun group to be part of both track side and away. His real life experiences to this point have been limited to track days, but the skills he’s learnt in Sim-Racing via Satellite Racing have translated well to the real world. This has enabled him to get up to speed quickly on these days and to get more enjoyment out of them.

Sim Driver: Mike Edwards
Born: Chattanooga, Tennessee
Lives: Dayton, Tennessee
Edwards is one of the most formidable forces in the Sim Racing world. He has been sim racing for 7 years in TPG and most recently Iracing. Edwards has won 10 championships and countless races at TPG. He’s also managed a 3rd place in final standings in the Corvette C6R championship along with a few race wins in Iracing. Mike is formerly of Satellite rival Team Hotwheels in TPG but has since joined the Satellite Racing family in an effort to further his racing career beyond just the Sim Racing world. Look for Edwards on track in both the Virtual and Real Satellite cars in 2012.

Sim Driver: Ryan von Steinen
Born: Kalamazoo, Michigan
Lives: Lake Tahoe, Nevada
Ryan began his racing career auto-crossing and eventually participating in HPDEs with both SCCA and the BMWCCA. He began his sim-racing career just 4 years ago. Throughout his sim career von Steinen has raced many classes of race cars but specializes in endurance sports-car racing. some of Ryans many Sim Racing accomplishments are 9 driver championships, 90+ wins, 75 poles, and 38 track records along the way. In 2006 he used his dads 95′ M3 to take the fastest overall time at the BMWCCAs autocross during the annual Oktoberfest and was a class down. He suprised alot of people and what made it great fro his standpoint was Ryan was on crutches with a broken leg. Always the over acheiver and always pulling in strong results for the team.

Sim Driver: TJ Halsema
Born: Tampa,FL
Lives: Atlanta,GA
Summary: TJ started racing karts in 2005 and was selected to participate in the 2005 Red Bull Driver Search after 3 months of racing experience where he then finished 33rd of the 250 karting drivers selected. From there he moved to Legends Cars were he set the road course lap record at Atlanta Motor Speedway for those cars, along with 6 Hard Charger awards. In 2009 TJ began sim-racing online and has not put it down since. Since 2009, TJ has been a consistent front runner in the VOR, ERL, SROL, and SimdyCar Series with several class and overall victories to his name. In 2012 TJ joined Satellite Racing because he knew the operation was professionally run, and would put him in the position to fight for wins on a regular basis. He will be joining the team with the LMP1 effort at both ERL and SRO.